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There’s just something about cutting food on a handcrafted cutting board made of wood by an artisan who actually cares about
your experience doing so.


Prices range from $75 and up, depending on the wood you choose and size you want, and I will tell you right now it could very well be the last cutting board you ever buy.

These are “hand-it-down-to-your-kids” kind of cutting boards.

I’m not messing around.


Charcuterie Boards might just be basically fancy serving trays, but they’re honestly amazing to have around and give your food a “wow” factor that regular platters or plates just can’t achieve.

Starting at just $40, we can get as fancy as you want with these, depending on how much “wow” you really want and how much food you want to be able to put on it.

Wall Cabinets

A solid wood wall cabinet with dovetailed corners and a frame-and-panel door (or two), and maybe a drawer (or two) is a beautiful accent piece for any room.

Whether it’s for your special bottle of whiskey and a couple of glasses (like my last one was), or your entire collection of novelty coffee mugs, we can figure out a piece that will be perfect for any space, starting at just $150.

“Unity” Coffee Table

This lady is my pride and joy, as I designed her myself.


Unity is a thing of grace and beauty, and not just as a metaphor.

This coffee table’s curved lines, along with the floating top and bottom shelf give it a visual lift and elegance, while its heft and physical weight give it structure and permanence. A perfect balance that fits well in any room.


Available in either locally-sourced Douglas Fir or your choice of hardwood.

"Spagnuolo" Trestle Table

Designed by Marc Spagnuolo (The Wood Whisperer), this elegant piece can be sized to fit and is a wonderful addition to any room.

Price varies based on wood selection and final size, obviously, but it can be customized to any space, so let’s talk about how it can work it into your life.

It’s been a huge benefit to mine.

No more messing with table aprons or legs on each corner that get in the way of chairs and knees!


I’m always happy to talk about what people might need to have made out of wood.

Give me a shout if you think I can make something happen that you need in your life.

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